What Will It Be When When I Love & Approve Of Myself?

Picture By Jemma Loie Hatt

Growing up in England, I was never taught much about self-love, and self-respect, other than, it was big-headed, stubborn, and wrong. My cousins were scolded for not sharing, and if I forgot to say please, and thank you, I was shamed, and told I was rude. Mostly by old, old, old, people from way back in the past, who held some sort of authority over me because of age, and family rankings.

My most recent anxiety spell caused me to review these limitations about myself, and I was given a new  script, fresh from the tree. I have been tapping on it for a little over a week, and its title has inspired this blog post.

I will now gift you another blog post, and excerpt of my own I Will stories, based on the I Will Method by my friend Tammy. You can download the free PDF of the exercise I work from .

I will release those memories, and limitations. I will leave them in the past, and I will explore the notion of what it will be when I will love, and approve of myself.

When I love, and approve of myself, instead of beating myself up when I haven’t gotten this or that done, I will feel at ease with what I have done, and treat myself with compassion.

I will not mind as much that it takes me until midday to pluck up the courage to get out of bed when I have no plans. I will not feel forced by the need to comply with a time schedule that does not align with my body clock.

I will get out of bed because I will have given myself the gift of feeling happy in the now, and I will know what it feels like to throw caution to the wind, seize the day, and embrace life. I will get out out of bed, and my life will appear.

I will compare myself to none other than myself because I will be aware that happiness, and self-worth comes from within me, not outside of me.

What I did in my past will not matter, because what was, was. It will not matter that I fell, but that I got up and kept going. It will not matter where I am, who I am with, or what I will be doing. It will not matter how far I have come but that I arrived safely in the here and now.

It will not matter what other people think, or say to me, or about me because this is a reflection of how they see themselves.

I will have more things to be grateful for, and anything that I want that I don’t have, is a matter of applying the I will method.

I will not be jealous but  I will be thankful for the contrast that expands my desire for more.

I will not rush, I will make the time to be who I will be, do what I will do, and have what I will have.

I will lovingly take care of the space, I occupy, and the people I interact with, because I live, and love the now, for my benefit, and for others.

I will lovingly script my future, and I will imagine good, and only good, from now on.

Revelations With The Power Of I Will Affirmations

I have amazing friends. I have been aware of this for awhile, but everyday, feel ever more appreciative for those who lift me, enlighten me, and support me, through actions, gestures, and words of love, without expecting me to be anything but myself.

I am writing to update you on my manifestation journey. EFT wizard,  has decided to gift those wishing to be more deliberate in manifesting money by changing their beliefs, with one last month of Money Magnet Mindset before the year is out. You can find out more about this .

One of my afore-mentioned amazing friends who I manifested through joining the Facebook group Brad created for MMM, let me in on her amazing secret of the  and the .

I now swear by the I Will method, and I am so happy to have found my friend, and share her work here. She has let me test out a script entitled ‘being happy has nothing to do with others’, and well, the thoughts that came up whilst tapping is the stuff blog-post dreams are made of.

Near on everyday since money magnet mindset started in march – give or take one or two days for sickness – I have tapped, and it has brought out many a revelation. And yesterday I realized why I seek approval from others.

As a child I would often hear adults around me talk to, and about each other unkindly, and in an unloving way. Even when the person was in front of them they would do this, telling them how nice they look, or congratulating them but then without fail, mentioning their faults, and everything they had done wrong in the past.

I believe this was an effort in constructive criticism, when more so it was to make that person feel better about their own faults by projection.

This is why I struggle with social anxiety when speaking to some family members or even so-called friends, and why I would have rather avoided them because I anticipated the bad, and the show of false love.

It has taken me a lot of tapping to realize when someone likes me for me, and when they say they love me,  and thank me, they mean it.

For me now, it’s not an effort to believe I am worthy of receiving money for sharing my gifts and talents because I believe with the discovery of I Will method,  that I can, and I will. Learn why to say I WILL, .

Now my focus is believing I will manifest true love, true friendship, and true support. 

I will release that which is not wanted in my life. I will invite drama-less, love-filled good abundance in all areas of my life.

I Thank my friend for teaching me this cool phrase:

 מה שהיה – היה

Pronounced; MA SHEHAYA – HAYA; It means, What was – was!

And to be even more specific, although I appreciate the true love I get in a platonic way, I mean’t true ROMANTIC love, just because I know the universe is listening in!

I do love to love, and be loved. It gives me a basis on which to model the life I envision with my future wife. My NEAR future wife. I LOVE scripting my future.

My deepest gratitude for reading me.

You can buy the script I used for $1 .


The Racists On The Bus Go Round & Round: Or, How I How I Hold On To My Cool With EFT

Today I talk about my daily routine of EFT and Meditation, and how I feel about it, how these things relate to being a money magnet, thanking a couple of mentors who have helped me along the way, and keep a positive feel. This post does contain brief references made by bigots on my bus journey home today, and how I kept my cool.

I feel peace when I awake up in the the mornings now. Last night I was reading ‘I can see clearly now’ by the late, great Dr. Wayne Dyer. Every line I read resonated with me in some way, I found answers, and I found myself reflecting on my own childhood, and having that deep sense of knowing about what my future would be like, only breaking from that image when becoming too easily swayed by ‘Group-think’. Near on every morning for the past couple of weeks I awoke with a feeling of gratitude and appreciation, because of my commitment to Tapping and Meditation.

I tapped all day today. I am still taking breaks in the writing of this blog to do EFT. I had the perfect, relaxing morning. I tapped to my tapping script, ‘Something Amazingly Awesome Will Happen To Me Today’ written by the creator of  a site where you can find tapping scripts and information on a new EFT technique called Echo Tapping.

Monday the 7th was the start of another month of Money Magnet Mindset for myself, and members of the Facebook group created by YouTube sensation, Brad Yates of  and . I was eager to pick up where I left off, though I have been tapping near on every day after the last class finished in May. The miracles just keep on coming. Miracles like discovering, and being in the most supportive group on Facebook.

We have new people, and we are all finding more and more things to tap on, and clear, and post our results daily, of accountability and gratitude.

I have experienced the joy of discovering like minded souls to talk with about my tapping journey. All with the safety of being supported in a judgement-free-zone. I don’t know anyone personally who taps, or believes in the meta-physical, or loves, and absorbs Abraham-Hicks teachings in my non-cyber-space social circle, and this group has been a true blessing.

A couple of weeks ago I was ill with a chest infection which had me coughing for about four weeks. I slept through a lot of it, and now my waking routine has been affected.

Arguably, I have never been one of those people you can set your watch to. But having the chest infection reminded me of long British winters, depression,  and seasonal affective disorder.

So I looked up articles on-line to help me re-establish a sleep-wake-get-up routine. After noticing that I had tried a lot of them before I found a suggestion on wiki.how to get excited about having a morning wake up time, and to jump out of bed smiling. I also remembered seeing an instructional video on Facebook, to make your own LED light-board.

I came up with the inspirational phrase ‘Jump! (Out Of Bed) & Your Life Will Appear’, because I have been reading the similarly titled book by Nancy Levin, and it’s writing exercises are amazingly freeing. I was fully invested, I felt inspired, so I found a canvas for 99p in my local shop, and bought some LED lights from eBay.

I thought about doing a every morning as well, as I once read in a  that if you only have time to do one yoga pose, do a headstand as it fights off lethargy, feelings of depression, and kick-start’s all those happy hormones. I usually feel energized and euphoric after doing so, and was eager to incorporate this practice known Shirshasana, the King of Yoga poses.

This afternoon I went out to buy glow-the-dark paint because the lettering on the light-board was not showing up as well as I’d hoped. The bus journey was smooth, and I enjoyed wandering around awhile in the shop, with a calm sense of purpose. I asked two people in different sections if they stocked what I needed. I was met with bafflement and an answer of no, they used to stock it, and a suggestion to look in another shop. I didn’t find glow in the dark paint but I found some iridescent white acrylic that I thought might stand out a little better against the brightness of the lights. (I just took a break, and tried, and it looks beautiful!)

I also felt abundant enough to by an early birthday gift for my friend, as I have balanced my account in recent months, and maintained this by becoming aware of my spending, saving, and values with help of Brad’s program.

I then got on the bus home, and by the time it rolled in to my home town, about four of five people had boarded got on the bus and I could hear them over my music. And then, my iPod ran out of power…


I wasn’t listening to them, at first: I was tapping on my collar bone with my earphones still in, as if I was tapping along to a song, but no one paid any mind to what I was doing.

An old man was talking loudly,  jovially about the old times, and how the landscape has changed since his childhood. Then he mentioned about a Mosque being built where once a Squillion years ago a primary school had stood. And I thought ,’Oh, here we go’, and I felt a tightness that went from my stomach region to my chest. It was amazing, they all joined in, echoing what is currently being talked about on the news.

I don’t enjoy, so therefore I don’t watch the news, as I get too emotional; the only time I am made aware of the news is on my Facebook and Twitter feed.

‘This isn’t England any more’, One man asserted. Which made zero sense to me, but  he went on to tell his listeners about his son wearing a shirt with the Union Jack on it, and him being told to take it off; that his ‘poor son’ is one of only four children in his class who is English. Now this I know is a very controversial subject, but I highly doubt any single person, white or otherwise living in England is truly English any more. Were we not invaded by the Romans, and the Vikings? I hope his son is more open to change than he is.

Anyhow, they carried on spouting this and that prejudice, and I carried on tapping. I was so shocked though, when the woman next to me said she felt so alienated that she wished she could go ‘some place somewhere where everyone is purely English.’ I was actually embarrassed for, and by her.

But then I stopped listening, because really, I have heard this all before, and that entire conversation, and belief is just their perception, I didn’t want to give it any more of my attention.

I relaxed, (still tapping at this point) and a smile crept across my face as in my head, I started singing… ‘The Racists on the bus, go round, and round…’ (Like the song, The Wheels On The Bus) And I dropped the issue. I remembered that just because something is made true for one person, or a group of people, does not make it true for me. I remembered being in a primary school having the joy of close childhood friendship with children of many different backgrounds. I don’t feel threatened at all by multi-culturalism and I love diversity, where I grew up, where I still live today, and my life’s journey. And that’s what I choose to focus on, what I love about life.

I can let go of that wound-up-tight feeling in my stomach and chest, when I associate racism with all other bigotry, such as homophobia, and sexism, ableism, and those who contribute to the stigma attached to mental health. I believe its all resistance to our greatest good.

I may not like it but I know that paying attention to these things makes me stressed, and judgemental myself, which is the entire point of me stopping watching the news. I know that if I pay attention to stuff I don’t like, I become a mirror image of those who make a lifestyle of judgement and playing the victim.

Paying attention to ‘what is’ – is a perception, and a self-imposed condition that can be changed. I know this because I have experienced and implemented the power of Emotional Freedom Technique, and Meditation. I have made a commitment to it and seen awesome results. Sometimes I use a combination of the two. And has anyone ever tried Super Brain Yoga? Wow!

I am grateful to characters I would have found too challenging to tolerate, and though I get annoyed by them a couple of times a day, at least I am not dwelling on it, and that feels good. I know I attracted the experience, and that these people played a part in my expansion.

Thank you Brad, and Thank you Tammy for your classes, scripts, help, and support in helping people to help others. After paying for, and acquiring the recordings for  this months, and previous Money Magnet Mindset tele-classes, I maintain that I am a different person. I feel better about money, (though I still haven’t started my job, thanks to a delayed DBS check… something better on the way?)

I am writing more, and generally being more creative. My upkeep of my 365 Happy Days challenge has seen my Instagram (Follow me @vibe_feeler) account gain in followers, and my feed is looking more, and more like a budding art account, which I have always wanted it to be, and I know I can quite literally tap in to confidence, and inspiration. And I am learning to be happier for the highest good of myself and others.

My deepest gratitude, and appreciation to all I meet on my journey.


In Loving Memory

Today I went to the funeral of someone whose memory I hold very dear; Mrs Patricia Hollister.

I met this lovely lady through a good friend of mine, Neil, who worked at the Second-hand, collectible toy shop she owned in my home town of Rochester, Kent. Neil, a writer of science fiction, would give Pat and I his stories to read, and we would provide feedback and make suggestions.

Though I wasn’t an employee, Neil and Pat allowed me to use the back room to write, which provided me a quiet space to be creative whilst I was ill and unemployed.

Over the course of one summer, I planned and wrote a story which Neil, and Pat later read for me. Sadly, I have since mislaid the hand written note from Pat, that told me how much she had enjoyed my story. Pat will always be one of my greatest supporters, an inspiration to carry on writing. Today I am grateful to her for being on my life path. Her influence, and encouragement will never be forgotten.

My Current Condition Of Uncertainty Is Only Temporary

Hello again, it has been awhile.

I have been meditating, focusing and clearing that which is unwanted. I would love to hear how your journey is progressing?

I have been experiencing some hiccups on the road to employment; expecting information about training, pay, and start dates; whilst at the same time expecting there to be delays and reasons for it not coming easily for me. That’s not how it works though, is it? I have to laugh, so why not at myself?

I have been a creator of rocky roads for a long time, and in my want to change that, I have allowed myself to absorb the teachings that I have sought out and paid for.

I accept myself for my patterns of fear and misgivings about the stuff that hasn’t come yet.

I am letting go in the way I have become accustomed, by writing statements to get clear, and listening to Abraham Hicks, but by far, tapping scripts are a quick and efficient method for me.

 has confirmed  is back on as of September 7th so sign up if interested! This is a 30 day program to clear old beliefs enhance your prosperity mindset. There are daily exercises, as well as weekly teleclasses to support your abundance consciousness. You can start today.

Brad has decided to go back to the original “pay what you can” formula. Please spread the word. I am looking forward to it immensely. What I learned about myself during the three months of MMM was priceless, and I am a different person today entirely.

The Facebook group that was born of the MMM tele-seminar is still going strong. We are all experiencing success in many ways; from getting jobs, new clients, moving house, travelling, and having better relationships; to encouraging each other to name one thing we have to be grateful for each day, to starting up websites, like my own blog, and that of my fellow MMM tapper whose Echo Tapping technique helped me to get and write this blog post today, and for that I am deeply grateful. To learn more about Echo-Tapping, Click on  .

Meanwhile, I am choosing to stay generally focused on my dreams of success, and allowing myself to believe that my desired future is as inevitable as I allow. The job I have attracted is good platform to learn, I appreciate the ease in which it came to me, and though I don’t know if it is the career I want, that doesn’t matter. I see this as an opportunity to learn and appreciate new experiences in my life.

I am choosing to release any fear of things getting in the way of progress, or blame of myself or others for lack of it, and allow safe, quick delivery of information about the training next week, (And would you know it after starting this post this morning, I got the information I needed. Life is so much easier when you ignore what’s not wanted).

I am choosing to let go and allow all those involved to deliver the information I expect, or better, for the highest good of all. Whether this career path or another, this expected outcome, or better.

In the past, I didn’t get what I want, but with this openness to change, I know all will turn out for my highest good, in perfect timing.

My current condition of not knowing is temporary. I cannot know what I haven’t yet done. I cannot act on information that I haven’t yet received. And this is okay. The larger part of me has it all worked out anyway.

“Everything is always working out for me”, has become my mantra, and because of this, all is well, and I am safe to just be.

I’ve done the work, I am in balance, I need not effort over what I cannot control. I am happily in the receptive mode.

Here’s to clearing clutter for more clarity, and more, for all this or better.

My deepest gratitude for your time.


Letting Go: It Didn’t Happen, And That Is Ok


This post is inspired by my on the spot tapping script I started when an old pattern of jealousy, and feeling out of control rose within me. I like to script before meditation too.

The times I most often feel bad about things are when I bump up against conditional patterns of thinking. When this happens, I consciously choose to realign with my greater good. I am practising allowing more fully who I am. I cannot stop my path from unfolding. This realisation is powerful.

Here is the dialogue I used to talk myself down off the ceiling:

“It didn’t happen, and that’s okay. I allow myself to move on. I allow myself to anticipate the next good thing, and  there are better things to come than I can currently imagine. As I continue to come into alignment with the idea that my attention on the lack of it holds me from it, and my attention to it brings it forth, I know that it exists and I am making my way to it. I am softening my feelings around the urgency that rises around it.

It is happening vibrationally when I focus on the feeling of it happening rather than the need for it to happen, or how it will happen. I choose to review my dialogue when I am not getting the results I want. I choose to imagine it already having happened without attaching to the need and the how. I choose to see myself aligning with  the reality of its manifestation.

Even though it didn’t happen, I am still alive, I am still me, I am still fed, clothed, housed, loved, and supported. Nothing bad has happened because of it not coming to fruition. I am still aligning with it. I am finding the happy feelings.

It didn’t happen, and that’s okay because it exists and I can make my way to it.

The day will nevertheless come.

Things are always working out for me.”

What realisations and adventures are happening for you with EFT, and meditation?

Possibly The Millionteenth Blog Post With Love Wins In The Title

I know I am a Brit, born and raised, and I don’t live in the USA – yet – but I would like to show my deepest gratitude to SCOTUS for granting legal, equal, marital rights to all that have been asking for them for longer than they care to remember.

Last year in March, when Equal Marriage became law in the UK, I was celebrating as an out and proud LGBTQ Brit, knowing I had the loving support, wholly, and completely from my friends, and family.

A lot of people don’t enjoy that privilege.

I believe when your government votes to support your rights; whatever their political stance in relation to yours is; it truly has a positive effect on the entire population.

I believe that absolutely everything happening on earth is contributing to your highest good at all times. There is a lesson in everything.

My deepest gratitude to my teachers whether I have learned the lesson or not.

Peace. Love Wins.