Happy New Year From Jem! I Will Intend To Manifest An Amazing Year & So Will You!

We are nearing the end of 2015 in England. To be one who says ‘New Year New Me’, does not feel so cliché, for the  method of which I speak so much of has played a pivotal role in my life now resembling the one I will have.

I got up today at 12 noon after pulling an all-nighter reading my Tamar’s new ebook – , and constructing my I will Intent To Manifest sentence, writing the revisions to my What Will It Be When story (as I have done one before) and from that I built my accompanying personal script.

Doing these exercises was an extremely fun process, and felt like I had written an autobiography of a life I have not yet lived but I WILL. I have read myself the story, as is the instruction, and tapped already today (whicha are all in the instructions for the book) and as yet, I have made notes for four other stories and tapping scripts for what I will manifest, so I will do another one tonight.

I will continue to manifest ease in my life, and to be obligation free.

I have lovingly told everyone who requested my company tonight to ring in the new year without me, as I have a project to do, and it feels right to do it now.

In previous years I felt alone, and anxious around the holidays, and would join out of obligation, and need for companionship. But this year I do not feel obligated to celebrate, and in my own way, I am celebrating. I will empowers me, and its safe, and true to what I will do, be, and have.

I send love to everyone who asked me to join them, I am not being a dick, I am just enjoying being a deliberate vibrational snob as so lovingly puts it.

Happy new year to everyone, who has already celebrated, is celebrating, and who will be, and to all I trust will have an amazing year.

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