What Will It Be When I Move Home & I Will

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I have been inspired by an exercise on my friend Tammy’s website () to write blog post’s that are excerpt’s of my own I Will stories. The method I am working from is called ‘Write Your I Will Story & It Will – What Will It Be When I Will Be-Do-Have What I Want?’

I love reading back over my journal’s, and my I Will’s to see how much I have manifested with the power of I Will affirmation’s. And as I state in my bio, I do love to create, and clear, and script my future. I know I was mean’t to find Tammy in the group, and discover her I will method, write my I will story, and manifest again, and again, and again. I tapped to her newest script today, and within six hours I had five manifestations of my I Will’s, and two big surprises.

So, enjoy my first I Will Story, as I enjoyed writing it:

What It Will Be When I Will Move Home & I Will.

What will happen when I will find my new home?

When I will move out of my current home, things will move quickly, easily, safely, and smoothly. I will find a property I instantly see myself living in, and it will be a top floor apartment, and I will be able to look out at the ocean view. It will be within strolling distance of the sea, and the town. There will be a good public transport service. I will live in a quiet, spacious, modern, well lit apartment block. There will be a diverse community, and the neighbours will be friendly. My new apartment will be easy for people to find, and get to, and my friends, and family will enjoy coming to visit. 

What’s inside?

Inside my home, there will be all modern conveniences to enjoy. My apartment will be open plan. My new home will be warm in winter, and cool in the summer. I will have a rooftop balcony, over looking the trees and the marina below, and  I will have a lounger, and room for a hot tub, and a barbecue. In my apartment I will have tiles, and dark wood flooring. I will have an office, and a large fitted kitchen with a modern fridge, a coffee machine, and a dishwasher, and washing, and drying facilities. I will have large floor length windows, and patio doors opening out to the balcony area. I will have central heating.  I will have good internet signal, and good lighting throughout the apartment. I will have two bedrooms, so my family, and friends can stay.


What Will Cause Me To Choose This Apartment & What Will I Do In The Mean Time?

My new apartment will be well within the amount I will like to spend on rent, and tax. All my billls, and services will easily be transferred over to my new property. I will be allowed pets. My Landlord will be courteous, and easily reached by phone, and email.  My new apartment will have lots of room, and I will continue to de-clutter my current abode, so that I will know what to pack, and bring with me when I will move in.”

This is the point of I will, to set intentions, and when you get in to the habit, it is easy to visualize the being, doing, and having, and to move towards the manifestations. Putting the words down is a personal, and affirming act. I choose to write, and share, and show. And I will.

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