I Will Win Today & Tomorrow For The Highest Good Of Myself & Others

Life is not about what you do, it is how you feel.

My favourite Abraham-Hicks quote is from a YouTube video entitled  and is on the  YouTube channel, where Abraham says, the only way you can get rid of doubt is by experiencing clarity, because both can not abide within you at the same time.

Last week I was in employment, and now I am not. I had seven panic attacks over three days, one so bad that I asked my parents to come, and get me because I had gotten to the point where I didn’t know which way was up, and which was down. I was very misaligned, doubting for a long while, myself, the job, and listening to intently to others stories about their hardships. I was split energy wise, between believing what I could do, and what I ‘have to do’ in order to, I don’t know, fit in, I guess.

But enough about the job.

Do you ever feel like the Universe is listening to you? Because I have two prime examples of this to tell you.

I am learning Hebrew for fun, but verrrry sloooowwwwlyyyy. I dowloaded the Memrise app, and signed up for languagepod101, and here I get a word a day to learn along with accopanying phrases. Last week, I got the word ‘lachutz’ which means Anxious. Yep. If I was looking for a sign that the Universe is not only listening, but also talking to me, I got it in the form of the accompanying sentence which was ‘Ha-isha le’khutza’ – It means ‘The woman is nervous. Come on! The Universe talks, indeed!

When I have been asked what it feels like to have anxiety before, I have not been able to answer, but now I know a better way. You know what you believe, and you know how you feel inside, and what you want to change. When you decide you will change, you find beliefs that align with your idea of what needs changing. For me, I use Echo Tapping to manage my anxiety, and it works.
But when it rears its ugly head I have to remember to put into practice what I do daily, and even moment by moment, if I want to see the benefit of it. That practice includes I Will affirmations meditation, and restorative Yoga. For when you are in the pains of anxiety in particular, the imagined result of the bad stuff you have experienced can seem all too real, and you just want to curl up in the corner, and shut out the world.
I now choose not to do that, I have used EFT and in particular I WILL method and Echo Tapping to drive the message of change into my DNA. And after all, a belief is only a thought that you keep thinking and if I believe in a life ruled by anxiety, I will be anxious, and if I believe there is light, and peace to be had, I will do what I have learned to do until I have peace of mind, and then I will do it some more. I will be deliberate in my intention to be the person I will be, and this method has manifested many results in my life.
When I feel these feelings, and I can’t see past them, I tap to these EFT Echo Tapping scripts, Changing My Beliefs, Piss Off Mind, I Will Relax No Matter What The Problem Is, and I Will Be The Master Of My Own Mind, all written by my amazing friend Tammy whose website has lots of helpful tips on how you will become the person you want to be. All these scripts, and personal request scripts can be purchased for $1 , isn’t that great?  I think so too! Ooh, and the I Will Method that I mentioned is free.
Today, I am back on form. I have felt so much clarity, and peace because I persevered with my methods, and I was my authentic self. This morning, with gratitude for all who supported me through it, I woke up happy, and smiling, and didn’t stop today. I Will win today for the highest good of myself, and others.

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