In Loving Memory

Today I went to the funeral of someone whose memory I hold very dear; Mrs Patricia Hollister.

I met this lovely lady through a good friend of mine, Neil, who worked at the Second-hand, collectible toy shop she owned in my home town of Rochester, Kent. Neil, a writer of science fiction, would give Pat and I his stories to read, and we would provide feedback and make suggestions.

Though I wasn’t an employee, Neil and Pat allowed me to use the back room to write, which provided me a quiet space to be creative whilst I was ill and unemployed.

Over the course of one summer, I planned and wrote a story which Neil, and Pat later read for me. Sadly, I have since mislaid the hand written note from Pat, that told me how much she had enjoyed my story. Pat will always be one of my greatest supporters, an inspiration to carry on writing. Today I am grateful to her for being on my life path. Her influence, and encouragement will never be forgotten.

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I am an out & proud, body-positive, pixie-eared ambivert, who loves to create through clearing, and scripting my future through writing and focusing on the good stuff. I also love crowd-funding, buying cruelty-free products, and going to the theatre. Please like and share, and comment. My deeepest gratitude to you for reading.

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