The Artist, The Anxiety & The I Will Method


How do you overcome anxiety to create something of value to the world?

Say, I will!

Last time I posted, I talked about how we have no higher purpose other than the one we give ourselves and we have a way to find out what that is through studying sacred geometry, meditation, lucid-dreaming and astral projection.

I also affirmed that I will discover my higher purpose, and I will expect only good of my discovery…

Well, I didn’t learn to astral-project yet, but I have been having some pretty vivid dreams, though I wouldn’t exactly say they are lucid yet. But they will be!

I have though been aligning with my higher purpose, colouring sacred geometry symbols , and with guidance from my Tamar,  I have established a good sleep wake cycle!

Along with that I have been practising Chi Kung and Tai Chi for about 3 weeks now. I started with some videos on YouTube with  I now feel a lot more energized throughout the day.

Chi Kung and Tai Chi are so beneficial and I am even now doing the sequences without the video. They are ancient Chinese practices which combine slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises, and is a great way to develop balance, promote circulation and become aware of your energy.

With a brain injury that caused fatigue, balance and loss of upper body strength issues, I benefited greatly from an introductory Chi Kung class years ago and felt pulled towards re-establishing a routine, and I am so glad I did!

I know a lot of my friends on Facebook love yoga but it’s just not for me, and now I feel and know that is OK! I am in love with Tai Chi!

I am also in love with Tamar’s tapping meditation, it’s beautiful and today after the third day of tapping on it, I really felt balanced and aligned and maintained my positive feelings in a consistent way all day.

I have been deliberately noticing and becoming aware of my feelings and where I am vibrationally, and it is getting so easy to do. It is with my purest intent that I share this  with you so that you will feel the benefits, happiness and clarity that radiate from within.

I will also share with you my latest piece of art, a set of paintings I did for Tamar, and a fox painting I gave to my Mum for Mothers’ Day.

They show my will to persevere and learn from my mistakes so I can expand my skill set. To work out what works and to complete beautiful paintings and have an empowering experience because, with   I have learned to love making mistakes, and learn and grow.

My Answer To My Vivid Dream Of My Awakening


I said in my last post; “I want to know why I have these dreams and feelings, and to know about my higher purpose. I know there is something more I can and will be doing but I don’t know what it is. The makers of the series Spirit Science on YouTube say we have no higher purpose other than the one we give ourselves and we have a way to find out what that is through studying sacred geometry, meditation, lucid-dreaming and astral projection. And though these concepts fascinate me, I have also felt fear. However, I will discover my higher purpose, and I will expect only good of my discovery….You create your reality so you create good and bad depending on your vibration and how you feel. These thought forms explain exactly the unrest and fear that I might see something scary as I awaken to the energies I perceive around me.”

I was speaking about my personal awakening, and a dream I had 2 years ago that reminded me so much of the symptoms of awakening in an article I read on 

Yet in writing the dream I was still baffled for a time. Then as I read it and discussed it with my Tamar, I started to get clues and built a picture of what my dream was indicating to me. There is a major theme running throughout the dream about power, control, the search for deeper meaning, and trust. These are the overriding themes of my old life story, my past and blocks on the path that eventually led me to Tai Chi, EFT, the I will method and the rediscovery of my passions for art and writing.

At the time of the dream I was desperately in search of purpose in life but not ready to accept responsibility for it. I see the floating without a craft that I described in my dream, as the freer movement into manifestation we will be able to do as we reach 5D, and the spinning out of control represents my resistance.

At the end of the dream sequence I returned to my childhood bedroom – a common theme of safety in dreams – and for me as a kid, I was always retreating to my bedroom, it was my safe haven and where I would create with my mind and body, stories and works of art.

My dream was a symbol of the new path I am on, I was searching for meaning in my life outside myself when it has been inside of me. The dream definitely has to do with learning and ascension – it was a symbol of learning how to navigate the 5th dimension. My teacher in my dream was telling me how easy life was. Up and down motions felt like breathing. Life is easy. I know it can be, and it will be easy when I will allow. But in the dream I disconnected from the ease and spun out of control because I was afraid and was too attached to the feeling of uncertainty.

Fear was a pattern I needed to release and my guide, who I believe talks to me every night while I am asleep, who is not an angel but my inner self, was telling me so. I also believe I am lucid dreaming every night but just not remembering it, and my guide, my conscience, my inner self told me that I will learn in “No time.”

So there we go, I have always liked interpreting dreams. Maybe that’s my calling, or one of them.

It also assures me I am right about no longer having to look outside of myself for answers. I may not always be in alignment but I am getting to a place where I am there most of the time, and it will become more frequent a place for me to be, whilst I work out the kinks in my routine, and balance my sleep wake cycle with the help of the echo tapping scripts, and build a portfolio of my art, I will find meaning in my life more and more as my life purpose is not static, I have many talents, so I have many options, and I have lifetimes to fulfil my pursuit of joy.

And as for guides, my personal belief is that it is what the mind can create to relay a message, often they appear as people, because the dreamer – who is the pupil and the questioner – would expect a person unless they are fascinated by or programmed to perceive angel or alien beings. Aliens and Angels are energy, Doreen Virtue said in an interview for Hay House (in paid for downloadable content for the world summit of 2014) that Angels don’t have wings, that they are auras. But her audience is made up of non-denominational religious people so the images on her cards are received as archaic images of angels. In my dream my guide was unrecognisable because I didn’t resonate fully with that aspect of myself, but there was a sense of familiarity, it was my inner being, my non-physical counter-part.

This is my personal interpretation, and it may change, as I love to keep an open mind, and currently, I rest easy with my inner knowing. It’s been such a relief to find my truth, as this has been an odd month with adjusting to my new perspective, desires and knowledge.

Picture Taken By Jemma Loie Hatt



I will continue to read my I will intent to manifest stories  and tapping to the   is great for my sleep-wake cycle as it used to feel like an effort to get out of bed because I was anxious about getting everything done, so now I keep everything simple, it no longer  takes me hours to do anything. I am so glad I embraced the fact I am a night owl!

On the whole, with I will method I feel happier, I am scripting my future and I will realise it. So be it.

Love and light to all

©Jem L.H

Dreams Of My Awakening

I was told by my Tamar just before the new year, that there is a spiritual Awakening happening now on earth, meaning a sudden expansion or shift in consciousness. It is happening on a large scale, people are waking up, becoming aware of a shift from our 3 dimensional world to a new state of consciousness, to a level of love and raising the vibration of all species, and I see now that I have been having dreams of my awakening, which I will write about here. (For more on spiritual awakening and the signs and symptoms, please visit the helpful site )

I want to know why I have these dreams and feelings, and to know about my higher purpose. I know there is something more I can and will be doing but I dont know what it is. The makers of the series  on YouTube say we have no higher purpose other than the one we give our selves and we have a way to find out what that is through studying sacred geometry, meditation, lucid-dreaming and astral projection. And though these concepts fascinate me, I have also felt fear. However, I will discover my higher purpose, and I will expect only good of my discovery.

There is a video featuring Abraham-Hicks that says there are no negative entities, devils, demons trying to mess with anyone. Abraham says there is nothing outside your self that is worth worrying over or that can truly harm you. That there is only love and more love. Anything dark perceived is a thought form. Something scares you and your fears and resistance add energy to, and take form from your thoughts. This is the only problem with reading lots of information at once about a new concept, you turn your filters off while trying to take everything in, like how a hypochondriac looking up diseases on the internet finds all reasons why they have that disease. So I had to take a step back and remind myself why I was reading these articles and watching these videos – for answers about dreams and symbolism, that which I am drawn. 

You create your reality so you create good and bad depending on your vibration and how you feel. These thought forms explain exactly the unrest and fear that I might see something scary as I awaken to the energies I perceive around me.

So I thank my Tamar for coming out with what she has been experiencing (and writing about in her ) her own realisation’s have safely birthed my realisation and memory of what Abraham-Hicks said. When first started reading the links that Tamar was sending me, referring to the 5th dimension and awakening they shocked me, the imagery that they brought forth was familiar like I had seen it before, like I knew about it.

Specifically I was reminded of a very vivid dream I had two years ago… and because it was so vivid, it is the most accurate recording of a dream I have ever written:

“I have a feeling that I am floating, gently up and down like breathing in….. and out.
I am experiencing a sense of  weightlessness.
I am in a wide open field under the light of the moon, being taught how to ‘drive’ although I don’t see as I have any vehicle but my body. My teacher is my friend who watches me from ground level, she is guiding me, but she does not speak, I don’t recognize her, but there is a sense of familiarity.
I am slowly rising off the ground and coming back down in slow motion – up and down like breathing.
Every time I rise up farther in to the night sky I can see more and understand more but not yet with words.
It’s so quiet, the world enveloped in deep dark night, but I am warm, there is no wind.
I am floating, building momentum with my ‘craft’ which I can make no sense of.
All know is I feel safe, I say nothing.
I am guided by my companion on the ground to change direction, and I change course with ease, and as I feel more adventurous, I start to turn in circles going forward and backwards.
The force of my movements builds, but still I feel safe, all the time the gentle sensation, is easy, like breathing.
My mind keeps looking for a craft that would aide my movements but it is all me. I am amazed my heart opens, and suddenly, I soar in to the sky. Higer and higher, I enjoy this feeling as it builds, and just as quickly as I catapulted into the air – I panic.
I disconnect from that safe feeling, soaring out of control, but not falling. I am rising further into the night sky until I can’t get down again.
Now I can touch the night sky and it feels like ice on my fingers my body is moving on its own through space, but it feels like I am pressed hard up against a cold hard disc inscribed with an illuminous geometric pattern.
I am in a whirlwind of panic, my sense of direction is lost. I am being spoken to but I don’t understand the words. I fight. I start to swim away from  the night sky with its crystalline stars, I feel like I am swimming upwards, not downwards towards the earth through nothing visible, but a force against me.
I have been swimming for an age when I break through a barrier and time and space speeds up, my body hurtling towards earth until I reach a soft pocket of air which catches me, and I regain my ability to control my craft, my body, and now I am in my childhood bedroom and I hear clearly the words – You will learn in no time that there is no time.

So this was one of those classic dreams where you wake with a start, and your heart is fluttering in the chest, and you have to check your surroundings. 

At the time I had no idea what there is no time meant, but as the year went on and carried on into 2015, I received thoughts on this concepts. Then later in the year, when my Tamar was starting her blog, and we will talk at length about synchronism and manifestation, she posted a blog which mentioned this ‘No Time’ concept in a post written on the 21st of December entitled  which has since been revisited and points clarified in a post called  

Both posts talk about awakening which will happen when we release attachment to old world fears and beliefs and ways of thinking, that we a part of a consciousness that has always been, and will always be and that is not higher than ourselves as we are part of it, and it’s always changing, and this change happens outside of time.

This is the evidence of mass consciousness. Everything happens for a reason, there are no accidents. And the blocks of thought I was receiving about No Time were not only coming to me. I wonder how many other people are awakening to this idea that time does not run out because time is merely a measurement, not a restriction or limitation. 

So I will free myself and I will stop using time as an excuse. I will script my future, and maybe even achieve astral projection at will.

And it will… 

©Jem L.H

Happy New Year From Jem! I Will Intend To Manifest An Amazing Year & So Will You!

We are nearing the end of 2015 in England. To be one who says ‘New Year New Me’, does not feel so cliché, for the  method of which I speak so much of has played a pivotal role in my life now resembling the one I will have.

I got up today at 12 noon after pulling an all-nighter reading my Tamar’s new ebook – , and constructing my I will Intent To Manifest sentence, writing the revisions to my What Will It Be When story (as I have done one before) and from that I built my accompanying personal script.

Doing these exercises was an extremely fun process, and felt like I had written an autobiography of a life I have not yet lived but I WILL. I have read myself the story, as is the instruction, and tapped already today (whicha are all in the instructions for the book) and as yet, I have made notes for four other stories and tapping scripts for what I will manifest, so I will do another one tonight.

I will continue to manifest ease in my life, and to be obligation free.

I have lovingly told everyone who requested my company tonight to ring in the new year without me, as I have a project to do, and it feels right to do it now.

In previous years I felt alone, and anxious around the holidays, and would join out of obligation, and need for companionship. But this year I do not feel obligated to celebrate, and in my own way, I am celebrating. I will empowers me, and its safe, and true to what I will do, be, and have.

I send love to everyone who asked me to join them, I am not being a dick, I am just enjoying being a deliberate vibrational snob as so lovingly puts it.

Happy new year to everyone, who has already celebrated, is celebrating, and who will be, and to all I trust will have an amazing year.

What Will It Be When When I Love & Approve Of Myself?

Picture By Jemma Loie Hatt

Growing up in England, I was never taught much about self-love, and self-respect, other than, it was big-headed, stubborn, and wrong. My cousins were scolded for not sharing, and if I forgot to say please, and thank you, I was shamed, and told I was rude. Mostly by old, old, old, people from way back in the past, who held some sort of authority over me because of age, and family rankings.

My most recent anxiety spell caused me to review these limitations about myself, and I was given a new  script, fresh from the tree. I have been tapping on it for a little over a week, and its title has inspired this blog post.

I will now gift you another blog post, and excerpt of my own I Will stories, based on the I Will Method by my friend Tammy. You can download the free PDF of the exercise I work from .

I will release those memories, and limitations. I will leave them in the past, and I will explore the notion of what it will be when I will love, and approve of myself.

When I love, and approve of myself, instead of beating myself up when I haven’t gotten this or that done, I will feel at ease with what I have done, and treat myself with compassion.

I will not mind as much that it takes me until midday to pluck up the courage to get out of bed when I have no plans. I will not feel forced by the need to comply with a time schedule that does not align with my body clock.

I will get out of bed because I will have given myself the gift of feeling happy in the now, and I will know what it feels like to throw caution to the wind, seize the day, and embrace life. I will get out out of bed, and my life will appear.

I will compare myself to none other than myself because I will be aware that happiness, and self-worth comes from within me, not outside of me.

What I did in my past will not matter, because what was, was. It will not matter that I fell, but that I got up and kept going. It will not matter where I am, who I am with, or what I will be doing. It will not matter how far I have come but that I arrived safely in the here and now.

It will not matter what other people think, or say to me, or about me because this is a reflection of how they see themselves.

I will have more things to be grateful for, and anything that I want that I don’t have, is a matter of applying the I will method.

I will not be jealous but  I will be thankful for the contrast that expands my desire for more.

I will not rush, I will make the time to be who I will be, do what I will do, and have what I will have.

I will lovingly take care of the space, I occupy, and the people I interact with, because I live, and love the now, for my benefit, and for others.

I will lovingly script my future, and I will imagine good, and only good, from now on.

What Will It Be When I Move Home & I Will

Found on pintrest

I have been inspired by an exercise on my friend Tammy’s website () to write blog post’s that are excerpt’s of my own I Will stories. The method I am working from is called ‘Write Your I Will Story & It Will – What Will It Be When I Will Be-Do-Have What I Want?’

I love reading back over my journal’s, and my I Will’s to see how much I have manifested with the power of I Will affirmation’s. And as I state in my bio, I do love to create, and clear, and script my future. I know I was mean’t to find Tammy in the group, and discover her I will method, write my I will story, and manifest again, and again, and again. I tapped to her newest script today, and within six hours I had five manifestations of my I Will’s, and two big surprises.

So, enjoy my first I Will Story, as I enjoyed writing it:

What It Will Be When I Will Move Home & I Will.

What will happen when I will find my new home?

When I will move out of my current home, things will move quickly, easily, safely, and smoothly. I will find a property I instantly see myself living in, and it will be a top floor apartment, and I will be able to look out at the ocean view. It will be within strolling distance of the sea, and the town. There will be a good public transport service. I will live in a quiet, spacious, modern, well lit apartment block. There will be a diverse community, and the neighbours will be friendly. My new apartment will be easy for people to find, and get to, and my friends, and family will enjoy coming to visit. 

What’s inside?

Inside my home, there will be all modern conveniences to enjoy. My apartment will be open plan. My new home will be warm in winter, and cool in the summer. I will have a rooftop balcony, over looking the trees and the marina below, and  I will have a lounger, and room for a hot tub, and a barbecue. In my apartment I will have tiles, and dark wood flooring. I will have an office, and a large fitted kitchen with a modern fridge, a coffee machine, and a dishwasher, and washing, and drying facilities. I will have large floor length windows, and patio doors opening out to the balcony area. I will have central heating.  I will have good internet signal, and good lighting throughout the apartment. I will have two bedrooms, so my family, and friends can stay.


What Will Cause Me To Choose This Apartment & What Will I Do In The Mean Time?

My new apartment will be well within the amount I will like to spend on rent, and tax. All my billls, and services will easily be transferred over to my new property. I will be allowed pets. My Landlord will be courteous, and easily reached by phone, and email.  My new apartment will have lots of room, and I will continue to de-clutter my current abode, so that I will know what to pack, and bring with me when I will move in.”

This is the point of I will, to set intentions, and when you get in to the habit, it is easy to visualize the being, doing, and having, and to move towards the manifestations. Putting the words down is a personal, and affirming act. I choose to write, and share, and show. And I will.

I Will Win Today & Tomorrow For The Highest Good Of Myself & Others

Life is not about what you do, it is how you feel.

My favourite Abraham-Hicks quote is from a YouTube video entitled  and is on the  YouTube channel, where Abraham says, the only way you can get rid of doubt is by experiencing clarity, because both can not abide within you at the same time.

Last week I was in employment, and now I am not. I had seven panic attacks over three days, one so bad that I asked my parents to come, and get me because I had gotten to the point where I didn’t know which way was up, and which was down. I was very misaligned, doubting for a long while, myself, the job, and listening to intently to others stories about their hardships. I was split energy wise, between believing what I could do, and what I ‘have to do’ in order to, I don’t know, fit in, I guess.

But enough about the job.

Do you ever feel like the Universe is listening to you? Because I have two prime examples of this to tell you.

I am learning Hebrew for fun, but verrrry sloooowwwwlyyyy. I dowloaded the Memrise app, and signed up for languagepod101, and here I get a word a day to learn along with accopanying phrases. Last week, I got the word ‘lachutz’ which means Anxious. Yep. If I was looking for a sign that the Universe is not only listening, but also talking to me, I got it in the form of the accompanying sentence which was ‘Ha-isha le’khutza’ – It means ‘The woman is nervous. Come on! The Universe talks, indeed!

When I have been asked what it feels like to have anxiety before, I have not been able to answer, but now I know a better way. You know what you believe, and you know how you feel inside, and what you want to change. When you decide you will change, you find beliefs that align with your idea of what needs changing. For me, I use Echo Tapping to manage my anxiety, and it works.
But when it rears its ugly head I have to remember to put into practice what I do daily, and even moment by moment, if I want to see the benefit of it. That practice includes I Will affirmations meditation, and restorative Yoga. For when you are in the pains of anxiety in particular, the imagined result of the bad stuff you have experienced can seem all too real, and you just want to curl up in the corner, and shut out the world.
I now choose not to do that, I have used EFT and in particular I WILL method and Echo Tapping to drive the message of change into my DNA. And after all, a belief is only a thought that you keep thinking and if I believe in a life ruled by anxiety, I will be anxious, and if I believe there is light, and peace to be had, I will do what I have learned to do until I have peace of mind, and then I will do it some more. I will be deliberate in my intention to be the person I will be, and this method has manifested many results in my life.
When I feel these feelings, and I can’t see past them, I tap to these EFT Echo Tapping scripts, Changing My Beliefs, Piss Off Mind, I Will Relax No Matter What The Problem Is, and I Will Be The Master Of My Own Mind, all written by my amazing friend Tammy whose website has lots of helpful tips on how you will become the person you want to be. All these scripts, and personal request scripts can be purchased for $1 , isn’t that great?  I think so too! Ooh, and the I Will Method that I mentioned is free.
Today, I am back on form. I have felt so much clarity, and peace because I persevered with my methods, and I was my authentic self. This morning, with gratitude for all who supported me through it, I woke up happy, and smiling, and didn’t stop today. I Will win today for the highest good of myself, and others.

Revelations With The Power Of I Will Affirmations

I have amazing friends. I have been aware of this for awhile, but everyday, feel ever more appreciative for those who lift me, enlighten me, and support me, through actions, gestures, and words of love, without expecting me to be anything but myself.

I am writing to update you on my manifestation journey. EFT wizard,  has decided to gift those wishing to be more deliberate in manifesting money by changing their beliefs, with one last month of Money Magnet Mindset before the year is out. You can find out more about this .

One of my afore-mentioned amazing friends who I manifested through joining the Facebook group Brad created for MMM, let me in on her amazing secret of the  and the .

I now swear by the I Will method, and I am so happy to have found my friend, and share her work here. She has let me test out a script entitled ‘being happy has nothing to do with others’, and well, the thoughts that came up whilst tapping is the stuff blog-post dreams are made of.

Near on everyday since money magnet mindset started in march – give or take one or two days for sickness – I have tapped, and it has brought out many a revelation. And yesterday I realized why I seek approval from others.

As a child I would often hear adults around me talk to, and about each other unkindly, and in an unloving way. Even when the person was in front of them they would do this, telling them how nice they look, or congratulating them but then without fail, mentioning their faults, and everything they had done wrong in the past.

I believe this was an effort in constructive criticism, when more so it was to make that person feel better about their own faults by projection.

This is why I struggle with social anxiety when speaking to some family members or even so-called friends, and why I would have rather avoided them because I anticipated the bad, and the show of false love.

It has taken me a lot of tapping to realize when someone likes me for me, and when they say they love me,  and thank me, they mean it.

For me now, it’s not an effort to believe I am worthy of receiving money for sharing my gifts and talents because I believe with the discovery of I Will method,  that I can, and I will. Learn why to say I WILL, .

Now my focus is believing I will manifest true love, true friendship, and true support. 

I will release that which is not wanted in my life. I will invite drama-less, love-filled good abundance in all areas of my life.

I Thank my friend for teaching me this cool phrase:

 מה שהיה – היה

Pronounced; MA SHEHAYA – HAYA; It means, What was – was!

And to be even more specific, although I appreciate the true love I get in a platonic way, I mean’t true ROMANTIC love, just because I know the universe is listening in!

I do love to love, and be loved. It gives me a basis on which to model the life I envision with my future wife. My NEAR future wife. I LOVE scripting my future.

My deepest gratitude for reading me.

You can buy the script I used for $1 .


Fear Of Commitment

Even though I sometimes lack commitment to a writing routine out of fear. Tap, tap, tap… I still fear not having enough time…tap, tap, tap…

My fears sometimes boil up inside, and I go into a spiral of lack-filled thought. Its too hard to commit to writing this blog, that book, get published and be successful.

Sometimes I pay too much attention to those who have already been published. And even to those who haven’t. I know I don’t need their opinion! I will write in spite of their belief whether I can, or whether I have the integrity, or whether what I am writing is ‘just an online diary’. Ouch.

I cannot prove that it is or isn’t going to work out if I havent written it. I have had my blog success, integrity, and commitment questioned by concerned friends and family members. And the silly thing is, I KNOW that is just them trying to protect me.

All writers have those who think writing is not a real job, and will never pay the bills. Even my friends who are super fantastic prolific writers are too set on needing ‘a real job’ to fully trust their work will be published. Even a couple I know who have been published have their doubts.

And that’s what you choose to tell budding writers?

And then there are these published writers who choose to write about the difficulties of the publishing world, I KNOW that was their past. And they choose to focus on how difficult it was. This view could either make or break a good writer. And sometimes I fear that it will break me!

My accountability partners really encourage me. So what am I panicking for? What do I really want to write about and why don’t I just do it and concentrate all my energy on getting it written?

My big dream is… of a successful blog presence, that book being written, those puzzle pieces being put together, that agent being found and having the money to pay for that service, the money to travel outside England, and travel well, and in comfort; that publishing house calling, that contract, that series of books and stories being published, the feeling that I have something different to offer, and that I am not just jumping on an already successful idea or genre; not that there is anything wrong with that, it is all abundance!…

And sometimes, it’s far easier to be non-committal.

I shy away from sitting down and putting pen to paper or fingers to key board despite my fears because first I want to prove that what I write is good enough. When I get a really good idea, the need for validation fires up my ego.

Validation whore…

What if things don’t fall into place? What if I never get seen? What if I always have to work a side job? What if Oprah or Ellen never, ever call? I feel so bad and wasteful  when I haven’t committed to writing a blog post or adding to a new story.

My biggest fear is that  I’l have nothing to show for my life. Sometimes I feel like the risk is bigger than my desire to write. Then I sabotage myself. I look for a sign to move forward then sometimes still, I ignore it.  And I stay in my dream world.

I want to know, without a doubt, that I will commit, and my dreams WILL come true. Commitment to writing must become my first priority.  And, this is the only why success for good writers is so rare. Not that the publishing world is too hard to get in to, or that it costs too much to get started. I know that! So why don’t I act like it?

Most people aren’t brave enough to even try. I was! I tried. I started this blog! But it hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped. But this is because I also was to afraid to promote it beyond my comfort zone or as much as a confident, accomplished writer would take the time to promote themselves on their on-line platforms.

The accountability group that I love so much! They are my audience. SO why don’t I give them something to read? Why am I still avoiding putting out regular content?  Most people spend their lives waiting for that validation. And I have it! But I still don’t do what needs to be done.

That book WILL be written. I WILL do what it takes. I WILL have success. I Want to get to a place where I say I will be 100% committed, and post daily, and make the time to sit and add to my plot, and characters, explore the world, and story that is formed in my mind.

The agent, the publishing deal, the money, and the fan base comes second. I will get in to alignment with my vision.

So what am I giving up? My coffee dates! My day dream time! Woe is me…

I feel my writing will add value to the world, but I fear I won’t be seen or heard because I will be lost in a sea of other writers competing to be published, and this doesnt stop my flow but stops me committing to one idea consistently. The good thing is, I know I really do have time, and I really can commit, and I will. Maybe I have just a few more blocks to work on.

Sometimes doubt gets the better of me. I am so glad I have Emotional Freedom Tapping, because I know I can close the gap between doubting, and and doing.

My deepest gratitude for humouring me by reading my rant, and I hope I did a good job of adding in the positives, which is the entire point of this blog.

To find out more about EFT, do what thousands of others have done and watch  tap on his face while helping you release negativity with his revelatory block-busting phrases, or go  to my friends website and learn about the power of I Will affirmations, and Echo Tapping technique, and request a personal script for just $1. I have had so much joy with both their techniques that I even write blog posts while panicking about my ability to write blog posts. Whaaaat?! I know right?

Please feel free to connect, and ask me about writing or even blocks to doing so.

It’s My Party & I’ll Do What I Want To: You Would Do Too, If You Practiced LOA Too

The time of lackful thinking is over.

I discovered that I create my own reality, and proved it.

The evidence? Is in how I feel. I became deliberate. Instead of feeling defeated as usual, last year I promised myself this birthday would be even better. I decided, I was tired of going along with the idea of getting ‘older’ (I’m about to be 31 for goodness sake)

I am letting go of the need to compare the pace, direction,and appearance of my life to others who ‘get more done’, ‘look like that’, and who were doing that thing I wanted to do, being that person I wanted to be, and having that life I wanted to have. I decided I was going to reject the calendar year, and start my new year from my birthday.

So, this my 31st year WILL be awesome, I WILL  do amazing things, and I WILL have the life I dream of.

And it’s not even my actual birth DAY yet and it has already been awesome.

How did I get what I wanted? I am not as cocky as this post would have you believe. It’s all about communication, and knowing what you really want. I let go of the unworthiness I suffered with, I let go of the ‘It’s not going to happen for me’ feeling. I cleared a lot of resistance with EFT – Emotional freedom tapping, to the videos by  on YouTube, and more recently, the tapping scripts from the  by my friend Tammy.

As a result I have had truly the happiest birthday weekend since my childhood, and the most amazing journey towards it, where I have completely changed my outlook on life. I was so very thankful that I spammed my Facebook wall, Twitter Feed, and Instagram page with thank you’s and gratitude post’s. This morning I tapped to the ‘I will; be, do, have’ script, and felt happy, high, and confident.

Birthday is tomorrow, and I feel like a kid.

My Deepest Gratitude.